Airline Miles Credit Cards

Airline Miles Credit Cards are some of the most common forms of rewards cards out there. For some reason, this kind of program has been extremely successful. Miles rewards cards have made it possible for one of the most frequent, high-cost expenses people make to be a lot more worth their time.

The concept of an Airline Miles Credit Card is pretty simple, whenever you spend money, you are rewarded with a number of miles on your account with the credit card company. Some programs will allow you to get more miles back per dollar depending on what you spend your money on. For example, some cards will give you two or three miles on the dollar for airline and other travel purchases.

Credit card companies will consider things like hotel reservations, airline tickets, gasoline, and car rentals “travel expenses,” making using an Airline Miles Credit Card more valuable to those who have to make these kinds of purchases more often than most people. Usually, an Airline Miles Credit Card will still give you miles for purchases made for any reason, with some even giving you more bonus miles on unrelated expenses, like groceries and restaurant purchases.

There are even Airline Miles Credit Cards designed even more specifically for businessmen and large corporate company employees. These kinds of cards will give businessmen and employees more rewards, discounts and other benefits considering that the credit card company is hitting their target audience, those who use planes, rental cars, and hotels on a regular basis.

Many companies have seen the benefits of Airline Miles Credit Cards, making the market for these cards competitive and customer-oriented. Delta, American Airlines, Capitol One bank, Citi bank, Hilton hotels, and Chase bank are some of the companies that have put their names and logos on Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express airline cards.

Of course, Airline Miles Credit Cards are still credit cards. Because frequent flying and mid-flight purchases are commonly associated with the financially successful, nearly every card will only be given to those with the most excellent of credit scores. This comes as a disappointment to many college students who attend their school out-of-state, as college students are not likely to have a good credit score.

The way miles are used is different from card to card. Some cards are simple, and they let you take a flight for free at a distance equal to your accrued reward miles. Other cards allow you to redeem your miles for their monetary value, like a cash reward. Cashing in miles is usually a complicated process though, as the value of a mile can vary wildly from airline to airline. Because of this, and many other features to a card’s miles program, it is important to read the details of the Airline Miles Credit Card. Your card may seem to have a great APR, or other aspects, but the rewards program may be almost worthless, or will have unreasonable blackout dates. Needless to say, getting the best credit card for you requires some extensive research and thought.

Hopefully, this site will be of much use to you in your search, and will help you connect with the card that will help you go airborne.